Bistro Tickets

Bistro Tickets is a show floor dining concept developed for and offered to our convention clients. It is convention dining made easy, and drives lunch business and attendee traffic to your exhibitor booths.

Having a reasonable lunch without having to leave McCormick Convention Center allowed me to attend several extra classes. This is a great convenience.
— Attendee
The Bistro was a huge hit with our employees. Not only was it located nearby, but only took minutes to get in and out for those demonstrator’s who could only spare a short time away from our exhibit
— Exhibitor

What is Bistro Tickets?

Bistro Tickets is a show floor dining concept designed by Toque & Bottle to provide show managers with a hassle-free food service and show floor traffic building tool. TBA takes care of the details with the food service providers and creates, promotes, and delivers a customized lunch concept that is adapted to the audience of that particular show. By providing extensive menus at a dining location directly on the show floor, the audience does not have to leave during lunch.

The Goal

The hospitality goal of any convention, trade show, or medical meeting is to create a professional networking area on the show floor that maximizes the interaction between exhibitors and attendees. This face-to-face interaction created by Bistro Tickets enriches the convention experience for both groups. 

The Story

Bistro Tickets was developed for RSNA Annual Meeting in 2007 as “Bistro RSNA“. Now branded as “Bistro Tickets”, and customized to each client, the concept has been featured at over 70 conventions nationwide. 

Key Deliverables of Bistro Tickets

Convenient Location
The Bistro's show floor location drives convention attendees to exhibits, provides a close off-booth place for exhibitors to meet and eat, and keeps attendees and exhibitors inside the convention center for lunch. We work with exhibit managers to select the ideal location for booth space sales and traffic building goals, as well as diner findability.


Expertly Planned Menus
Toque + Bottle takes the guess work out of menu planning. We hand-craft Bistro menus based on our extensive food service experience, the demographics of the convention audience, and client preferences.


The Bistro Ticket program is designed to pre-sell lunch tickets online to the maximum number of attendees and exhibitors so we we can accurately estimate diner count each day and create a quick and efficient convention dining experience for our customers.

Reasonable Price
Negotiating directly with the convention center food service providers, we are able to offer customers a healthy and appetizing all-inclusive lunch for little more than concession item prices.


Marketing & Communication
Toque + Bottle creates a custom marketing and communication program for each convention we partner with to ensure your attendees and exhibitors are informed and educated about the new Bistro Tickets dining option


Value of Using Our Service

Food Service Planning is Our Expertise
•  Toque + Bottle Advisory is a highly organized team of food and beverage service planning and efficiency experts with over 70 years of combined hospitality experience. 
• We plan and operate food and beverage service programs in each of the top 10 convention destinations and partner with 30% of the nation’s top 50 medical conventions.
•  We have successfully operated the Bistro Tickets program for over 70 conventions and trade shows in 15 convention centers throughout the United States.
• We have sold over 160,000 lunches through Bistro Tickets --100,000, or 64%, have been pre-purchased through our online ticketing system and 27% have been purchased by attendees.


Increase Show Floor Foot Traffic
By locating the dining area amongst your exhibitor booths and promoting ticket sales to attendees, our Bistro Tickets program can increase your show floor foot traffic by 40% to 60%

Increase Show Floor Dining
By showcasing a compelling and targeted dining experience, our Bistro Tickets program can increase your show floor dining by 20% to 160%.

Lower Food Service Costs
By maximizing food and beverage purchase efficiencies during pre-convention planning, we save our convention clients approximately 10% to 15%.